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Why the oil plants

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 The oil plants are characterized by very big opulence of the chemical composition and many possibilities of a genetic modifications, thats why turned into the oil plants as resource for the production of alternative fuel.

To these plants belongs, among others, the all species with the ability to accumulate considerable contents of the fatty acids’s glycerides in a biomass– the oils as well as carbohydrates – the simple sugars, starch, cellulose. Taking into account  fitness of purpose the oil plants as the fuel to diesel engines, the most suitable components of an oil plants are the glycerides of fatty acids. Taking into account wide availability and utilization rate, among many groups of an oil plants, the most useful is the rapeseed oil. The main component in the pressed oils between an oil plants are the C16 … C20 acids, and mostly the oleic acid. Because of the large contents of  the oleic acid (about 50%), that’s the rapeseed oil just became main component to production of biofuel.



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