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The influence of the power diesel engine suppling by biofuel on emission the pollutants for atmosphere

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Biodiesel is friendly for environment and burns much cleanly than a fuel produced from an oil, even  they fulfill the newest chemical standards. Emission of the pollutants  by the diesel engine supplied by a biofuel comparing with a desiel fuel characterizes:

  • the lower Fuming  ( the smaller contents of the Soot ) about 50 … 80%,    
  • the lower contents of the CO and HC (to 40%),
  • the lower contents of the constant particles (of about 10 … 60%),
  • the considerably lower emission of the CO2 (15% of contents emitted during burning of HE),
  • the close to zero contents of the SO2, because ester fuel almost doesn’t contain the Sulfur, 
  • the Decrease contents of a carcinogenic compounds ( the benzene and others a carcinogenic polyaromatics substances),
  • the higher contents of the Aldehydes,
  • the  increased emission of the nitrogen compounds (of about 17%), resulting from the contents of the combined oxygen in the ester group and enhancing the burning process, which reduce the fuming,

 Moreover the ester fuel are characterized by very high biodegradability (~ 95% during 21 days),  whereas the derv decomposes only in 70%; when permeates to the water or  the ground doesn’t contaminate.

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