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Review the exploation’s parameters of diesel engines supplied with the biofuel

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  • the nominal power and the torque for the most of an engines are the same,
  • the biodiesel has smaller the heat value which shows the higher energy efficiency of combustion’s process;
  • comparing with a derv- shorter delay period of  self -ignition, causes the earlier ignition of the biodiesel ;
  • the higher efficiency of the diesel engines feeding by the biofuel in relation to derv it results with the larger induced efficiency;
  • the accelerations of the tested engines narrowly diminishs (about 3-5%);
  • the level of noise during an engine work  is lower;
  • the mechanical and thermal burdens stays on the same level, temperature of exhust is  lower about  3...10% in relation to the power supply derv;
  • the maximum pressures of the combustion are higher about 5%, meanwhile the maximum pressure of injection is 25%;
  • the biodiesel characterizes the very good lubricant properties.

    Desulfurization of a mineral derv causes removal of the natural fetter components, what drastically deteriorates a fetter properties level of these fuels and  requires using the synthetic supplements. Biodiesel characterizes particularly good the fetter’s properties, which in practice boosts the permanence of the injection apparatus’s elements.

The fried oils are  very popular all over the world, the suitably prepared  biodiesel is superb resource for biofuel’s production. The kind of resource you obtain depends on the kind of  oil you use for frying. On the worldwide, there are  specialized companies,  which takes the fried oil out from a gastronomy points and  uses them to the biodiesel production. The after fried oil is much cheaper then the fresh oil.

 The last group of the resources used in the production of  biodiesel are the animal fat. Specialized institutions recycling the waste animal fat  for the technical fat. The biofuel produced from an animal fat does’nt  fulfill the requirements of our the weather conditions. The very high temperature of blocking the fuel’s cold filter ( the CFPP) causes, that 100% biodiesel produced from the adeps can not be use during the winter. 






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