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What in the regulations?

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 Read what does the regulations (Journal of Laws No. 97 \ 2004, item. 966) and Act on biofuel tells:   Art.12. 1.  Discharged of the excise tax: 1) biocomponents destineted to the liquid fuels and liquid biofuels, in understanding the Act from the 2nd of  October 2003 on biocomponents used in the liquid fuels and liquid biofuels (Journal of Laws No 199, item. 1934 and from 2004 No. 34, item. 239), producted from agricultural products, by-product and wastes, fulfilling the quality requirements specified in separate regulations;

Art. 2. Act on Biocomponents in the liquid fuels and liquid biofuels (Journal of Laws No. 199, item. 1934 and from 2004,. No. 34, item. 293).

Definitions used in law stand for:

4) biocomponents - ester or bioetanol, in this contained bioetanol in ether etylo - tert - butylic or ether etylo - tert - amylic as well as esters wchich are idiosyncratically motor fuels;

5) ester - ethyl esters or esters of higher fatty acids received in  transformation process of a rape or by- products and wastes;

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