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Production of the methylic esters

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Production of the methylic esters (biodiesel)  from an oils and fats, by the esterification’s process gets in presence of the basic catalyst (NAOH, KOH). There are (in industrial meaning) two basic technologies of the ester’s production: first call "cold ” (low-pressure) in which the esterification’s process runs in temperature of 20-70 C,  under air-pressure and with use of alkaline’s catalysts and second method: "heat” (high- pressure), a process gets in temperature of 240 C and under pressure of 10 MPa.

Rys.  The formula of the esterification by methanol reaction.


In the proposed by us device the esterification of rapeseed oil is holds under air-pressure and temperature of  35 ° C. Thanks to such solution the device is more safe and easy in a service. Produced by us the device has the European Union Certyficate of Quality

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